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Switch Voice & Data Delivers Direct Fibre into the City of London

Posted: 28.05.2012

A successful partnership with a major UK fibre provider has enabled us to roll out fibre connections into the City and Central London at market leading prices.

We have been able to out price and out deliver against the conventional providers that usually dominate in Central London, with welcome rewards for customers and partners alike. A recent 30meg dedicated fibre circuit enabled one of our clients both to expand their business and to upgrade to a fully hosted PABX solution, ensuring cost savings, advanced functionality and expandability should they need it. If your business is looking to move office or is already considering installing fibre then talk to us today to find out if you qualify for a free installation and further on-net discounts.

BT Openreach Fibre network:
High Speed Fibre Connections without the high charges!

Posted: 21.03.2012

Dear Customers,

As you may have heard in the press, BT Openreach have been rolling out a Fibre network in the UK connecting all of the cabinets in the road with Fibre. This means that the last link between the cabinet and your office or home is the only time copper is used: opening up the possibility for high speed fibre connections without the high charges!

In fact it's so good that it's now possible to achieve speeds of up to '40MB down' and '10MB up' on one FTTC connection alone, and unlike normal broadband you actually get speeds very close to what is quoted; due to the short lengths of copper that are used.

And if you would like some even better news then call us today so that we can check that your lines are eligible for FTTC as well!

What's even more exciting is that by using the Switch Voice & Data bonded connectivity product in tandem with FTTC we can get you up to 80MB download speeds and 20MB upload!

So, if you are as excited about this service as we are, call us today and we can send across all the relevant charges and a timeline to move you across to this great new product.

A Message from Our Managing Director:
"Switch Voice & Data Aims to Lead the Market for Service Delivery."

Posted: 03.02.2011

"Service is everything". This tagline stood out for me recently on the side of the products of a hygiene company, and I have to say that I completely agree. In a market place where everyone wants to save more money and 1000's of companies are pitching for new business everyday in the telecoms market alone, the only true differentiator is Service: more importantly the consistent delivery of good service.

In my view delivering good service is part of an attitude that comes with adding value in any good business agreement. My commitment is to ensure that we maintain this attitude and consistently deliver good service to you. This is why we give all of our customers' access to:

  • The latest online customer portal - My Switch Voice & Data
  • Next Generation Network Connectivity
  • WLR3
  • Bespoke support agreements
  • Our market leading NGN portal

If you're considering Switch Voice & Data as your service provider then we look forward to delivering good service to you, time after time, everytime.

Social Media:
Switch Voice & Data now on Facebook and Twitter

Posted: 09.12.2011

As you can see with our shiny new facebook and twitter links Switch Voice & Data has finally entered the social media arena, so for those of you that would like to follow our growing success story it just got a whole lot easier to follow!

We have had an awesome year and all of our customers and our partners have been right at the centre of our universe all the way through. Next year looks to be even better and we are very excited here at Switch Voice & Data about all the value we have in store for you - so here's a quick peek into what's coming in 2012!!

  • Complete your broadband solution with a Desk-based IT Support Package from Switch Voice & Data
  • Beef up your connectivity with our superfast Bonded Broadband
  • Connect at the cutting edge with Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)
  • Get Mobile with Switch Voice & Data and experience a whole new level of value
  • Bespoke your inbound call solution with our new Switch Voice & Data inbound platform
  • And lots and lots more to be announced throughout the year!

So don't hesitate to contact us now to get your orders in for the above, and if we don't speak to you before, then from all of us here at Switch Voice & Data we wish you a very Happy Christmas and a totally Switch Voice & Data New Year!!

Switch Voice & Data Mobile:
Connecting You Now to Joined up Communications Solutions

Posted: 21.06.2011

Connecting you now to all of the people who make your business move forward is the primary goal of Switch Voice & Data. More specifically we have set ourselves the task of making this process as slick and reliable as current technology will allow.

We have been having some amazing results with both our Channel Partners and our Customers wherever we have been invited to connect the dots and create one joined up communications solution:

  • One bill - complete management of all of your group communications through My Switch Voice & Data.
  • Mobiles - data and voice tariff's pooled to allow for discounts and bundles to Landlines within the group.
  • Calls - Landline to Mobile and Visa versa.
  • Lines - Switch Voice & Data discounts are higher with a joined up solution.
  • Broadband - the potential for SIP solutions from your blackberry...

These are exciting times here at Switch Voice & Data - call us today to see how we can connect you now to a fully joined up communications solution and share the increased Value many of our Customers are already enjoying.

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